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Washing and cleaning your fleet should be included in your maintenance program. These tasks not only extend your truck parts' lifespan, but they also help your vehicle make a lasting impression. People like seeing a clean truck. For them, it means the company cares. But cleaning and washing your fleet should not only be about hosing down the exterior of the truck, using a vacuum cleaner, or putting a little elbow grease. It should also be about cleaning the engine and chassis, especially if you often use your truck on dirt and gravel roads or where there's no road at all. When you need to do a thorough cleaning and washing of your trucks, trust only WAB, the professional truck cleaning center. 

WAB, also known as WAB Chemicals, is an industry leader in producing cleaners, degreasers, tire dressings, heavy duty acids, brushes, and polices. The chemicals it uses in creating some of these products are highly concentrated and job-specific. So most heavy duty truck operators and fleet owners trust WAB to do an excellent job in cleaning and maintaining their vehicles. For the engine and chassis, WAB offers a high alkaline degreaser that effectively dissolves a massive build-up of grease, dirt, and oil. And for hand truck washing, WAB's Ultimate Truck Wash helps remove hard to clean bug residue and leaves a brilliant shine to your rig. 

Keep your trucks looking like they've just come out of the assembly line with WAB Chemicals products. For a comprehensive list of WAB parts, check out the FinditParts catalog or use our easy lookup feature for the specific WAB product that you need.