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exhaust pipe flange gasket - exhaust bracket gasket, rubber, lower (more info...) exhaust pipe flange gasket - exhaust bracket gasket, rubber, lower
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Exhaust Pipe Flange Gasket
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About United Pacific Industries Inc.

Design, quality, and innovation—these three words best describe the United Pacific Industries Inc. This company is composed of unique individuals who bring rich experiences and various talents and skills to the table to revolutionize the way they connect with the world, especially with car enthusiasts and big rig drivers and operators. Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, this manufacturer's dedication to the design, manufacturing, and supply of top-quality United Pacific parts for heavy-duty trucks and classic cars is second to none. The United Pacific Industries prides itself on its over 98.5% order fill rate, making it one of the largest and most reliable suppliers of first-rate products for the automotive and truck parts market. Its vast inventory and efficient shipping make United Pacific the best source of premium-quality solutions for classic cars and heavy-duty truck parts.

Assembled in the USA - United Pacific products are hand assembled with pride in the United States to deliver exceptional performance and value.

Vast Inventory - From collision parts to exterior and interior accessories, United Pacific has got you covered.

Exact Fit - Exclusively made to fit like the original factory parts.

Lasting Durability - Crafted from hard-wearing materials and will reliably serve you for years ahead.

United Pacific Parts

Since day one, it has been United Pacific's goal to provide today's drivers with innovative products that offer outstanding value and performance. Its in-house research and development team is working diligently to bring brilliant product concepts to life. The company's state-of-the-art 3D scanning and CAD technologies create the highest-quality parts and accessories that fit just like the original. The United Pacific parts proudly bear the "Assembled in the USA" label. Though some of their materials and small components are sourced from different parts of the globe, they are hand-assembled in the United States, making them worthy of wearing the said badge.

Collision Parts

When the inevitable happens, and you find yourself in need of a replacement for the parts that got dented, bent, or heavily damaged, United Pacific has your back. It supplies the industry with a wide array of collision parts to help fix your big rig and make it ready to get back on the road as soon as possible. Exclusively crafted to fit and perform like the factory-installed components, the United Pacific collision parts ensure easy installation to help restore your ride to proper working order in no time. Among the most popular products from this product line are bumpers, grilles, hoods, mirrors, fenders, doors, and door handles. Now, if you’re in need of semi truck mud flap hangers and other mud flap accessories, this brand has them as well. The United Pacific mud flap hanger is designed to protect your truck and trailers from rust, dents, and other damage due to road debris, so it is made using only premium-quality materials to ensure superior durability.


The United Pacific LED lighting options sport a combination of modern technology and classic styling. These lights allow you to retain your classic car's original exterior styling while enjoying the numerous advantages brought by the latest LED lighting technology. DOT and SAE approved, the United Pacific lights emit brighter light beams, are safer to use, and last longer. They also consume less energy and are designed for direct plug-and-play installation. The lighting solutions from United Pacific are subjected to rigorous environmental testing in the lab and on the road. They are also IP67 water-resistant. Vibration testing is also done, simulating harsh road conditions and extreme temperature to ensure durability. Here are some of the top-selling products under this category:

United Pacific Headlight Assembly – Thinking of upgrading and modernizing your headlights without detracting from your ride's classic appeal? United Pacific has got you covered. From the popular blackout projection headlights with LED position light bar to the crystal headlights, United Pacific’s head light options will surely match your ride's performance.

United Pacific Light Bar - United Pacific offers a vast range of truck light bars—you can choose from spring-loaded or non-spring-loaded. You can also select between round or oval lights and red or clear lenses with either LED or incandescent bulbs. Most United Pacific light bar options come in 1-piece or 2-piece configurations.

United Pacific Truck Cab Light - Clearance lights on truck allow other drivers to see you better in poorly lit areas. That’s why when it’s time to replace your existing lights, be sure to choose the United Pacific truck cab light. This light is made with a polycarbonate lens that’s sonically sealed to the housing to prevent moisture intrusion. It also comes hard wired with two wires; and if you want extra protection, you can always get a separate cab light housing for this product.

United Pacific Turn Signal Light - If you want a high-quality signal light for truck, United Pacific has also got you covered. This brand crafts the best-in-class turn signal lights that help improve your ride’s safety, looks, and functionality.

Engine and Drivetrain

Whether you are upgrading or restoring the functionality of your ride's air intake and fuel delivery system or looking for replacement components for your ignition or exhaust, United Pacific is the name you can trust. The manufacturer's engine and drivetrain parts category comprises a wide range of products for various systems, such as ignition, cooling, fuel delivery, air intake, and exhaust. This product line also covers oil filler caps, filters, motor mounts, accelerator pedals, shifters, and fuel tank components.

Car Care Products

The United Pacific Industries is also one with you in your goal of keeping your truck or car clean, shiny, and fresh. That is why it continuously expands its car care product lines, adding new products every now and then. Among the innovative United pacific car care products for consumers around the world are polishing kits, buffing tools and solutions, scrub brushes, and many other cleaning tools and products that can easily be stashed in your DIY kit.

Wheels and Accessories

After several years of research and development and using the most advanced engineering methods, United Pacific engineers came up with various wheels and accessories—from hub caps, axle hub covers, axle hub cover kit, and beauty rings to valve stem caps, lug nut covers, and wheel simulators. The United Pacific axle hub cover, for one, is made from durable materials and is designed to fit just like the original cover that came with your vehicle.

Electrical Solutions

When you have electrical issues in your big rig that you need to address, United Pacific is here to the rescue. This company produces a vast selection of electrical parts—from wirings to cable ties, flashers, and switches—to help restore your ride's electrical system to its full functioning glory. Incorporating the latest technology in the automotive electrical system, you can trust United Pacific parts like the modules, sockets, resistors, harness, and many others to deliver the quality and performance that made United Pacific one of the most reliable truck parts providers across the globe.

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The United Pacific parts you need to get your truck or vehicle up and running are available here at FinditParts, anytime. We believe that truck upgrades and restorations should not cost a fortune, so we offer your needed truck parts and accessories from United Pacific at pocket-friendly prices. Our shipping rates are reasonable as well, so you can shop with us even when you're on a tight budget. And like the people behind United Pacific, FinditParts is managed by veterans in the field, so you can trust us to know what we are doing. Our online site is designed to provide you with a hassle-free online shopping experience. If you no longer want to browse our extensive product selection, you can use our quick lookup feature to find your needed products in just a few seconds. With this, you can search for your needed United Pacific parts using cross-reference or part number, and the exact match will be right in front of you in no time. Should you need assistance in identifying and locating hard-to-find parts or fulfilling stock order requests, our team of friendly and experienced customer support staff is always ready to help. Just dial our hotline, and we will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase. So, shop now and make your truck ready to hit the road again soon.