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American Mobile Power (sometimes referred to by the acronym AMP) is one of the transportation industry's preeminent manufacturers of tanks and their accessory pieces, parts, and hardware. American Mobile Power produces tank components covering a variety of categories, including hydraulic, transfer, and reefer tanks. Despite being a relatively new company, American Mobile Power has made a name for itself through its high-quality products and long-lasting design.

AMP was founded in 1992 to distribute the designs of its founder, Darrell "Woody" Brandon. While working in retail servicing the agricultural industry, Brandon discovered a newer, better way of manufacturing hydraulic reservoirs than what had previously been available in the nearby markets. Brandon's goal at the time was to become the largest producer of hydraulic tank reservoirs in North America, a goal that has almost become a reality.

Today, AMP is one of the industry-leading manufacturers of hydraulic tanks and the components necessary to maintain, repair, and upgrade them. Not only does AMP manufacture tanks designed for general purpose use based on multiple common models of vehicles and appliances, but the company also custom-builds tanks for more difficult or less common designs, based specifically on the specifications of the individual task.

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