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About American Mobile Power

Hydraulic systems used in many modern types of heavy duty trucks make use of hydraulic fluid to accomplish the tasks they were built for, such as snowplows, garbage trucks, street cleaners, and construction vehicles. Without the right amount of hydraulic fluid, these vehicles will not be able to perform as they should. That is why it’s important to store the hydraulic fluid in a reliable reservoir known as a hydraulic tank.

Hydraulic tanks can perform a range of functions, including dissipation of heat through their walls, conditioning the hydraulic fluid itself to settle contaminants, and preventing air from causing problems within the system. Because of these crucial functions, one must not take these tanks for granted, much more skimp on hydraulic tank parts when they require replacement. Be sure to use only premium-quality hydraulic tanks and parts from a trusted brand like American Mobile Power.

American Mobile Power, also known as AMP, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic, transfer, and reefer tanks to the trucking industry. It was founded in 1992 by Darrell "Woody" Brandon, a retail business owner who had an extensive background in agricultural business sales. He’s also knowledgeable about hydraulics, so he made use of this to offer a better hydraulic reservoir than what was available on the market. He did succeed in creating his first prototype, the model A2000, and the rest was history.

Today, AMP remains an undisputed leader in hydraulic tank reservoir manufacturing and distribution across North America. From its first hydraulic tank model, the A200, now the company offers a wide range of tanks—from the standard line to the custom tanks made to fit specific needs. AMP’s hydraulic tanks are also available in many different materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and polyethylene. The options are actually endless—customers can surely take advantage of these in finding the exact tank that matches their needs.

American Mobile Power Parts

AMP takes pride in all its products as each goes through rigorous manufacturing and testing processes to ensure only the highest-quality tanks go out of the assembly line. The company makes use of multiple weld methods and precision CNC machines to provide its customers with value-added solutions that best meet their needs.

All American Mobile Power hydraulic reservoir tanks come complete with mounting kits for ease of installation. And those that are made of steel are powder-coated to better protect them from harsh elements. Ports are also internally diffused to help with heat dissipation, and reservoirs include easy-to-read oil and temperature indicators.

Here are the options available for these American Mobile Power parts:

Upright Hydraulic Tanks

AMP offers upright hydraulic tanks available in polyethylene, steel, and aluminum. Steel is the best choice for those looking for lasting durability and quality, while aluminum reservoirs make your best bet when appearance, weight, and performance are on top of your list. Designed for hard working, continuous-duty applications that may generate high amounts of heat, the AMP upright hydraulic tanks are guaranteed to deliver maximum efficiency and reliability. Here are your options:

Saddlemount Hydraulic Tanks

American Mobile Power also offers a comprehensive range of saddlemount hydraulic tanks. Available in steel and aluminum, these tanks are built to meet the highest quality standards to ensure they last longer even when used under extreme conditions. Listed below are the options available under this category:

  • Model A3500 Steel Saddlemount 50 Gallon
  • Model A3525 Steel Saddlemount 25 Gallon
  • Model A3535 Steel Saddlemount 35 Gallon
  • Model A3575 Steel Saddlemount 75 Gallon
  • Model A35100-ST Steel Saddlemount 100 Gallon
  • Model A4500 Aluminum Saddlemount 50 Gallon
  • Model A4525 Aluminum Saddlemount 25 Gallon
  • Model A4535 Aluminum Saddlemount 35 Gallon
  • Model A4575 Aluminum Saddlemount 75 Gallon
  • Model A45100-ST Aluminum Saddlemount 100 Gallon

Sidemount Hydraulic Tanks

AMP’s sidemount hydraulic tanks are made using premium-quality steel or lightweight aluminum. They are leak-tested to ensure their reliable performance. You may choose from the following:

  • Model A3107 Steel Sidemount 7 Gallon
  • Model A3100 Steel Sidemount 10 Gallon
  • Model A3150 Steel Sidemount 15 Gallon
  • Model A3250 Steel Sidemount 25 Gallon
  • Model A3300 Steel Sidemount 30 Gallon
  • Model A3400 Steel Sidemount 40 Gallon
  • Model A4150 Aluminum Sidemount 15 Gallon

Specialty Hydraulic Tanks

AMP’s specialty hydraulic tanks range in capacity from 15 gallons to 75 gallons. Just like the other hydraulic tank types, these specialty tanks are manufactured following stringent processes and testing to ensure each tank has an overall clean appearance, a quality weld, and leak-proof construction. Check out the specialty tanks AMP offers:

  • A3035-2STRF
  • A3000-2STRF
  • A3070-2STRF
  • A4535-DS90-ST
  • A3535-DS90-ST
  • A3575-2S90-ST
  • A4575-2S90-ST
  • A3525-DS90-STRF
  • A3535-DS90-STRF
  • A3500-2S90-STRF
  • A320SL
  • A325SL
  • A330SL

Hydraulic Tank Mounting Parts, Accessories, and Hose Kits

When you need new mounting parts for your hydraulic tanks, American Mobile Power has also got you covered. Its comprehensive range of mounting parts includes mounting kits, base panel assemblies, brackets, inserts, and strap assemblies. And when it comes to hydraulic tank accessories, AMP has got your back too. It offers filler breather cap assembly, breather vent, flange, adapter, port cover kit, port plug, port reducer bushing, and suction strainer. All these parts and accessories are precisely made to ensure they fit and work just like the original components that came with your hydraulic tanks.

Looking for hydraulic hose kits? You don’t have to go for any brand because American Mobile Power has got them too. Whether you need 2-line or 3-line fitting kits, you’ll never go wrong in choosing AMP products for your hydraulic tanks. Other products included in this line are hose support kits, quick disconnect kits, repair mount assembly kits, and pressure and suction hoses.

Featured Products (view all)

AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4525 aluminum saddlemount--25 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER ASA-355-S stainless steel strap assembly AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4500-2S90-ST aluminum saddlemount - 50 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4000 1-1/4” npt bottom ports AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4535-DS-90-ST-SS specialty aluminum 35 gallon s AMERICAN MOBILE POWER ABC-315 filler breather cap AMERICAN MOBILE POWER AMK-624-C carbon steel mounting kit AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4535-DS90-ST aluminum saddlemount - 35 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A3150 steel sidemount - 15 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4535 roll-formed cylindrical aluminum tank 1-1/4” npt bottom ports, 35 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A3000 hydraulic steel upright tank - 50 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A3535 steel saddlemount hydraulic tank - 35 gallon model AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4500-ST aluminum saddlemount - 50 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER ASA-355 -c single carbon steel strap for tank AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4070 aluminum diamond plate 70 gal hyd tank AMERICAN MOBILE POWER AMP-40053 channel rubber (for strap) 53" AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4035-ST aluminum upright - 35 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER WL-HK-16-24-3L 16' pressure / 24' suction AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4150 aluminum sidemount - 15 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A3000-2ST steel upright - 50 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4500 aluminum saddlemount - 50 gallon tank 1-1/4” npt bottom ports AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4500-SS 50 gal tank AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4000-ST aluminum upright - 50 gallon AMERICAN MOBILE POWER WL-HK-9-8-3L 9' pressure / 8' suction AMERICAN MOBILE POWER AHK1624 hose line kit AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A4500-2S90ST-12 other commercial truck parts AMERICAN MOBILE POWER AFA-200 aluminum weld flange - 2" npt AMERICAN MOBILE POWER AHK1212 3 line hose ki AMERICAN MOBILE POWER ARM-1010 rapid mount assembly kit AMERICAN MOBILE POWER ERS4575-2S90STRF AMERICAN MOBILE POWER WL-HK-12-12-3L 12' pressure / 12' suction AMERICAN MOBILE POWER ABK-340-C carbon steel mounting kit AMERICAN MOBILE POWER 30-S-SM-O AMERICAN MOBILE POWER 25-S-SM-O AMERICAN MOBILE POWER 25-A-SM-O AMERICAN MOBILE POWER CR-6810 rubber strapping per foot AMERICAN MOBILE POWER AFK-2L 2-line fitting kit AMERICAN MOBILE POWER HK16-12-2L hose kit representative image AMERICAN MOBILE POWER HK12-8-2L hose kit representative image AMERICAN MOBILE POWER A3000-ST steel upright - 50 gallon

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