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The Federal-Mogul Moog brand specializes in the production of power-train and steering solutions for a wide variety of applications. The Moog brand is owned by Federal-Mogul, which is owned by the larger Tenneco company. Although Tenneco and Federal-Mogul have only been together since 2018, Federal-Mogul itself has a long and colorful history.

The Federal-Mogul Corporation was founded in 1899 under the name of the Muzzy-Leon Company, taking its title from the surnames of its founders Howard Muzzy and Edward F. Lyon. In 1901, the company partnered with The Mogul Metal Company, bringing the Mogul name into the brand for the first time. By 1941, Federal-Mogul had become the largest manufacturer of motorboat propellers in the world. After the company's debut on the Fortune 500 list in 1956, the company secured its worldwide reputation, eventually being sold to Tenneco, where it still lives today.

Federal-Mogul manufactures a wide range of powertrain products, with Moog spearheading the manufacture of the company's steering and chassis solutions. Moog services a list of six particular industries and applications: agriculture, construction, heavy-duty and commercial trucking, lawn care, recreational, and military. In other words, Moog has its hands in the manufacturing process of just about everything form simple tractors to high-grade military equipment.

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