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The Whelen Engineering Company is a manufacturer of trucks; trucking accessories; and a wide list of pieces, parts, and hardware — but that's far from an exhaustive list. Whelen has several different divisions to break down production into specializations. Those divisions include personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorsports, and even aviation.

Whelen is one of the largest producers in the industry when it comes to warning signs, lights, and other emergency warning indicators. That is a legacy that has been building ever since the company was first founded in 1952. For the majority of a century, the Whelen has been producing emergency warning products for an ever-expanding number of uses and applications. Today, the company's product catalog is thousands of times larger than it was all those decades ago.

Since the Whelen brand covers products in a variety of industries, both in and out of the world of land-based vehicles, finding the right piece, part or hardware can be a hassle. That's why we at FindItParts have selected over a thousand of the best products that Whelen has produced for use in the world of heavy-duty trucking, light-duty trucking, and every tier in between. These products cover three primary categories (electrical, lighting, and mirrors) and contain hundreds of essentials in each.

Whether looking for something as simple as a flashing hazard light or something as intricate as an entire rebuild for your vehicle's or workshop's lighting system, the Whelen Engineering Company produces products that truckers, repairmen, and technicians the world over have come to know and love.