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The brakes on your trucks are designed for heavy-duty tasks. Every time you add weight to your big rig, the brakes need to work harder. This additional stress will surely take a toll on your truck's braking system sooner than you expect. Don't let your fleet or trucking business go through a downtime due to faulty or worn-out brakes. Restore or improve your rig's braking performance with premium-quality brake parts from Federal Mogul-Abex.

Abex is globally known for its high-grade medium and heavy-duty commercial-grade brake products. Its predecessor, the American Brake Shoe & Foundry Co, was founded in 1902 through the merger of five manufacturers holding crucial patents to the production of railroad brake shoes. After the merger, the company became the largest producer of metallic brake shoes for railroad applications. Its product line expanded over the years, and to reflect the growth of its portfolio, the company was renamed Abex.  

Since Federal-Mogul acquired Abex in 1998, its global expansion started, making it a popular name in the OEM and aftermarket industry in the Middle East, South East Asia, and South America. Abex supplies the global market with high-endurance brake friction linings as well as air and hydraulic disc brake pads. The brand also takes pride in its reduced stopping distance (RSD) friction brake shoes that exceed all applicable federal safety standards. It also provides the medium and heavy duty truck parts market with complete lined brake shoe kits.

When you need Abex replacement parts that match the OE in fitment and form, you can easily get it here at FinditParts. No matter the model and specifications of your truck, we can help you find the Abex brake lining and other parts you need for your specific brake repairs. Order now and solve your fleet's brake problems in no time.