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About Betts Industries

With a history that dates back to 1901, Betts Industries has more than 100 years of excellence and industry experience. It takes pride in its rich tradition of quality, innovation, and community spirit, which has been instrumental in the growth and success of this family-owned company over the decades. The company started when Louis Betts and Charles Fairchild purchased the Warren Foundry and Machine Shop and established the "Fairchild and Betts: Founders and Machinists." Two decades after and with Fairchild's retirement, the company was renamed Betts Foundry and Machine Company.

Since its inception, Betts Industries has always been a risk-taker and an early user of the latest technologies and innovations. This allows the company to develop solutions and proprietary products that provide Betts with a competitive advantage. At present, Betts Industries caters to over 2,000 industrial customers within the United States and in 35 countries across the globe.

Betts Industries Parts

Betts prides itself on providing the transportation and industrial markets with world-class Betts Industries parts that meet the customers' specific requirements for their applications. Besides continuous innovations, this company also constantly modifies its existing products to pass stringent industry standards and offers custom-engineered solutions that match the customers' exacting demands.

Betts Industries' design engineering team is driven by its solid principle that even the best and industry-leading products can still be improved. This team is also committed to ensuring customer safety and satisfaction and business success. It does that by continuously refining, innovating, and enhancing Betts Industries parts to deliver efficient operation, superior performance, and unsurpassed safety and durability that stand the test of time.

Lighting Solutions

Light your way and safely navigate through the dark with Betts lamps and lighting solutions. Built by Betts Lamp Division, the wiring systems and custom lighting from this product line are crafted just the way you want them so they can seamlessly integrate with your truck or trailer's needs. Whether you get individual parts or complete kits, Betts assures you of application-specific products to provide custom fitment, hassle-free installation, and unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability. They are designed to satisfy you and your needs the way only an exact-fit component or system can.

Betts Lamps Division provides the global market with a wide breadth of high-quality lamps, harnesses, Plug & Seal lights and harnesses, replacement bulbs and lenses, nose and junction boxes, testers, modules, and mounting brackets, cable and electrical components, and various accessories.


If you are looking for emergency valves, flush valves, gate valves, or sliding valves, Betts has got you covered. Backed by time-tested Betts engineering, customers are assured with valves that deliver superior performance and unmatched durability. Betts' emergency valves are offered in manually operated and air operated versions, with the latter further categorized into in-line air cylinders, external air cylinders, and internal air cylinders.

Moreover, when you need to stop or regulate fluid flow, trust Betts' Wet-R-Dri valves. Also called butterfly valves, these Betts Industries parts are available in TTMA style, non-TTMA version, and ASA/ANSI style. This product line also includes repair kits for Wet-R-Dri as well as spacers and flanged adapters. As for chemical hydraulic valves, this brand offers external, quick clean, internal, and stainless versions. Also included in this category are hydraulic hot product valves, shear elbows, and Vapor-Pro™ stainless-steel hydraulic vapor recovery valve.


Betts Industries manufactures pneumatic or air manifolds for tanker trucks used in product-delivery operations that unload multiple compartments through a pump system. Available in single-bank and dual-bank configurations, these manifolds can be set to adjust to gravity-unloading, bottom-loading, and product return. Betts also produces custom air manifold configurators that you can use in configuring and building air manifolds based on your requirements and configurations, so you can get one that's tailor-made to meet your needs.

Manual manifolds are also available in split, pressure style, and bottom-loading style, as well as single bank and dual bank configurations. Betts split manifold valves are ideal when there's a need to isolate sections of the manifold as needed. They get rid of gasket joints and gate valves and are made to reinforce the manifold significantly. On the other hand, pressure style manual manifold guarantees extra strength and versatility and is used where bottom loading is performed via the manifold valves.

Drain Sumps and Mounting Pads

The best drain sumps and mounting pads you'll find in the market have Betts Industries badges on them or in their packaging. The Betts drain sumps are engineered to ensure optimized drainage and flow while offering a strong, lightweight mounting for various makes and styles of valves. The bolt pattern of these sumps follows the TTMA recommended practices. The Betts Industries hardwearing mounting pad, on the other hand, is made to provide a level and stable mounting surface for any type of valve. It is recommended for use with all types of Betts hydraulic valves.


Designed for use on cargo tanks, Betts flanges showcase precision engineering and durable construction to ensure peak efficiency, proper fitment, and long service life. These Betts Industries parts come in three types—formed, weld, and Wet-R-Dri flanges. Lightweight and economical, the formed flange ensures sturdiness and rigidity. It has bolt-hole patterns that conform with TTMA's recommended practice. Ideal for use in piping and sump, the weld flanges work based on proper weld procedures. Betts Wet-R-Dri flanges, on the other hand, feature a longer hub and chamfer to offer more clearance with Betts Butterfly Wet-R Dri Valves.

Air and Hydraulic System Accessories

The accessories you need to help improve the efficiency and extend the service life of your air and hydraulic systems are also included in Bett Industries' product portfolio. The Betts pressure gauge, for one, sports a robust construction to meet strict transportation and processing requirements. There's also the Betts high-capacity hydraulic pump that features a big reservoir and large displacement per stroke. Because of its high capacity, this pump operates up to three hydraulic sliding valves when plumbed with a Betts hydraulic distributor.

This part category also includes the Betts fusible and frangible plug assembly that delivers two types of protection. In a properly plumbed system, melting of the fusible plug and breaking of the frangible device reduces pressure in the air or hydraulic line, enabling the valves to close. In addition, the Betts Air Commander air distributor is engineered to regulate the operation of air-operated bottom discharge valves and vapor recovery systems in cargo tanks. It can be plumbed to work sequentially or non-sequentially and is versatile enough to perform different functions.

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