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About Nelson Exhaust

True to its commitment to provide the diesel-powered industry with a wide selection of high-quality exhaust products, the Nelson Exhaust (Qld) Pty Ltd engineers aluminized mufflers, chrome stacks, heat shields, flex pipes, and other aftermarket exhaust components and accessories. Proudly Australian-owned, this company has been in the business for more than 35 years. It was established on February 25, 1985, and it has been the original importer of American Nelson Mufflers to the aftermarket arena.

Nelson Exhaust operates a multinational dealer network with representatives in major cities and regional towns ready to provide sales and support services to customers worldwide. They also assemble products like the high-performance residential silencers at its Rocklea plant. These are designed for "stand by" and "prime power" power generation units that primarily include catalytic purifiers. This brand also manufactures bellows and marine silencers.

Exhaust noise is distinct in every individual vehicle, and managing it for the comfort of the operator and bystander alike requires mufflers with innovative design and engineering. To this end, Nelson Exhaust takes pride in developing exclusive manufacturing techniques brought on by several decades of acoustic technology experience. This has resulted in exhaust products tuned for quiet exhaust noise operation without any detrimental effects on engine performance.

Nelson Exhaust Parts

Besides efficiently directing harmful emissions away from the vehicle's cabin, Nelson Exhaust parts are designed to add muscle and fantastic sound to your ride. They are built and assembled using advanced manufacturing technology and specially made tooling to meet the company's high-quality standards. Made ready to meet the challenges of an evolving world, these products also address the demands of different applications. Nelson Exhaust parts are compatible with various vehicle brands, including Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, Kobelco, Steiger, John Deere, Case, and others.

Mufflers and Exhaust Components

Nelson Exhaust mufflers and exhaust parts are crafted to suit all sorts of transportation, agricultural, earthmoving, mining, and construction equipment. Performance mufflers are sized and constructed to replace OEM components and provide maximum power and fuel efficiency for improved overall performance. Acoustically packed, Nelson sports mufflers, are free-flow units that completely eliminate exhaust backpressure for impressive functionality.

All the products in this category exude the professionalism of the brand's staff and its commitment to meet customers' needs. No wonder, Nelson Exhaust has become the standard in the heavy exhaust industry. The brand stays abreast of industry needs, makes sure to address those demands, and offers excellent solutions and product backup. Among the popular Nelson Exhaust products are:

Stacks – These components enhance the looks of a vehicle and channel exhaust gases away from the cab. Nelson Exhaust stacks are manufactured to Australia's AS1192 Standard. They are offered in straight, curved, and mitred styles and in chrome plated, brush finish, or polished stainless steel. Super Stacks add a touch of class and sturdiness and a great exhaust tone to your ride. They are also guaranteed to deliver long-lasting performance.

Exhaust clamps – Available in different types, the exhaust clamps from this brand deliver excellent support and clamping capabilities without damaging tube connections and joints. TorcTite clamps can house a flex/tube joint or a coupled tubular joint, while EasySeal Clamps are designed to take the shape of the joint they are creating to ensure remarkable sealing capabilities. AccuSeal clamps, on the other hand, offer 360 degrees clamping contact with just a single bolt. It provides a strong yet non-destructive connection on tube and flex joints. Nestor Exhaust V-band clamps are constructed from 321-grade stainless steel to efficiently connect the manifold or turbocharger to coupling joints or engine pipe.

Tilt cab connector kits – Consisting of male and female pieces, tilt cab kits enable cab-over-engine trucks to tilt the cab where mufflers are crucial parts. The male part fits into the muffler while the female section attaches to the chassis. With such a kit, mechanics or DIYers gain complete access to the engine for inspection. Engineered to tight tolerances, the Kenworth-style tilt cab connectors give an additional positive gas-tight seal.

Engine Parts and Accessories

Nelson Exhaust takes advantage of the latest technological advancements in producing OEM-quality engine parts and accessories. This brand offers an extensive range of air intake parts; engine oil coolers, drain plugs, gaskets, and dipsticks; and sensors including camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, coolant temperature sensors, exhaust sensors, fuel pressure sensors, NOX sensors, and turbocharger speed sensors. These Nelson exhaust parts help improve torque, horsepower, engine sound, and fuel efficiency, making your rig operate more impressively than before.

Pneumatics and Hydraulics

The upgrade or replacement parts you need for your rig or machine's pneumatics and hydraulics can be found in Nelson Exhaust's product lines. Constructed to withstand the harshest conditions, you can expect the air compressors, cylinders, air tools and accessories, hoses and connectors, and vibrators under this category to last many years in service. Don't let old factory parts cause downtime in your business; replace them with high-quality components from Nelson Exhaust and get your big rig back on the road.

Shop Tools and Equipment

Nelson Exhaust does not only look after your heavy exhaust needs, but it also provides repair shops and mechanics with small to large solutions to their needs. This category includes diagnostic equipment, lifting equipment, body shop tools and equipment, and many other solutions that help take the guesswork out of a mechanic's job. The Nelson Exhaust parts portfolio also includes dent repair tools, air tools, hand tools, and power tools. This brand also produces engine tools, air conditioning equipment and tools, grease application tools, and many other shop tools that facilitate servicing of particular vehicle systems or components. Toolboxes and tool storage solutions are also available to help make any garage or repair shop clutter-free and keep all the tools and hardware safe and easy to find.

Forklift and Industrial Parts

If you want to boost your forklift's functionality, Nelson Exhaust is the brand to trust. All the forklift and industrial solutions from this brand help fix or restore the forklift to its full functioning glory, making it once again capable of moving heavy cargo like construction materials from the delivery truck to the job site. Among the products listed under this category are batteries and battery chargers, bearings and bearing components, cables, filters, chemicals and lubricants, switches, cooling system components, gaskets, and many more.

Featured Products (view all)

NELSON EXHAUST 89450A rain cap NELSON EXHAUST 225 muffler NELSON EXHAUST FLT89780A elbow 45 degree - aluminized - 4 diameter - ends id/od - leg length a-b 6.5 - center line radius 6 NELSON EXHAUST ZFS89104C elbow 90 degree - chrome - 3.5 diameter - ends id/od - leg lengths a-b 15 - center line radius 6 - nelson global products NELSON EXHAUST 900358K 4in x 48 NELSON EXHAUST Q628920-20 tube flex NELSON EXHAUST 89781A tube NELSON EXHAUST 89549K clamp NELSON EXHAUST 89162A coupler NELSON EXHAUST 89924A chrome elbow NELSON EXHAUST 89096A 5 in od aluminum 9 *d NELSON EXHAUST 89512K 35 in v - band clamp NELSON EXHAUST 90859A elbow NELSON EXHAUST 16989 muffler NELSON EXHAUST 89095A tube NELSON EXHAUST Q621418-10 particulate filter new NELSON EXHAUST XH89106A elbow 90 degree - aluminized - 4 diameter - ends id/od - leg length a-b 18 - center line radius 6 NELSON EXHAUST Q621327-10 silencer NELSON EXHAUST 9006911 muffler NELSON EXHAUST 89075A exh pipe NELSON EXHAUST 89503K clamp NELSON EXHAUST 90887A 5 in ss clamp *d NELSON EXHAUST 25908A-20 spark arresting muffler NELSON EXHAUST Q186425 clamp NELSON EXHAUST 200266A spark arrester muffler NELSON EXHAUST 23643A muffler NELSON EXHAUST 20787N-20 muffler NELSON EXHAUST 22706T muffler NELSON EXHAUST 09166T muffler NELSON EXHAUST 89163A exh connector NELSON EXHAUST 89548K clamp NELSON EXHAUST 89541K 2 in zinc guillotine NELSON EXHAUST 89558K 4 in zinc flat band *d NELSON EXHAUST 89624K 4 in ss flextube *d NELSON EXHAUST 900359K 5 in x 48 in galvanized cut to NELSON EXHAUST 900360K 5 in x 48 in stainless steel c NELSON EXHAUST 89543K clamp NELSON EXHAUST 192 muffler NELSON EXHAUST Q655625 exh pipe NELSON EXHAUST 26617 spark arrester muffler NELSON EXHAUST 49360U-10 silencer 14.12in dia x 6in inlet NELSON EXHAUST Q647113 tube NELSON EXHAUST 86547M type 1 rnd muffler NELSON EXHAUST 89687K tubing - 4in 16 gauge 10ft *d NELSON EXHAUST 89783A elbow 5x8" 45dg od od NELSON EXHAUST 89520K band NELSON EXHAUST 89545K clamp NELSON EXHAUST 89277A reducer NELSON EXHAUST 89730K flex pipe NELSON EXHAUST 3316658S clamp t-bar 4in dia stainless steel NELSON EXHAUST 89771K clamp kit NELSON EXHAUST 356 spark arrestor muffler NELSON EXHAUST 203268A exhaust aftertreatment system - vertical NELSON EXHAUST MD300061 muffler - spark arresting NELSON EXHAUST 456 muffler NELSON EXHAUST 89556K clamp NELSON EXHAUST 89519K hanger NELSON EXHAUST 90877A clamp, 5" band aluminized NELSON EXHAUST 89106A tube NELSON EXHAUST 86511M muffler NELSON EXHAUST 90358A exhaust clamp NELSON EXHAUST 89699K

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