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Nelson Exhaust is an Australian-based business specializing in aftermarket exhaust parts for diesel engines. Initially founded in 1985 as a distributor of aftermarket mufflers from the U.S., Nelson now offers its own line of aluminized mufflers, chrome stacks, heat shields, flex pipes, and other aftermarket exhaust components that are compatible with various vehicle brands including Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, Kobelco, Steiger, John Deere, Case, and others. The company also manufactures residential-grade standby and prime power generation units with catalytic purifiers, as well as marine silencers and bellows. Nelson operates a multinational dealer network with representatives in major cities and regional towns that are ready to provide sales and support services to customers worldwide.
Exhaust noise is distinct in every individual vehicle, and managing it for the comfort of the operator and bystander alike requires mufflers with innovative design and engineering. To this end, Nelson Exhaust takes pride in developing exclusive manufacturing techniques brought on by 35 years of acoustic technology experience. This has resulted in exhaust products tuned for quiet exhaust noise operation without any detrimental effects on engine performance. Mufflers also feature a more compact profile to fit into cramped spaces now common with newer vehicle models. They are also built and assembled using specially-made tooling to meet the company's high standards of quality.
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