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HALDEX Disc Brake Caliper Pin Removal Tool

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disc brake caliper pin removal tool | tool kit for disc brake modulx | disc brake caliper pin removal tool (more info...) disc brake caliper pin removal tool | tool kit for disc brake modulx | disc brake caliper pin removal tool
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Disc Brake Caliper Pin Removal Tool
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About Haldex

When it comes to innovative vehicle solutions, there’s one name that stands out—Haldex. A Sweden-based company, Haldex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and reliable brake systems and air suspension products. These Haldex parts are designed primarily for improved safety, durability, and dynamics of commercial vehicles.

Proven Quality - Over 120 years of unrivaled expertise in brake and air suspension systems for heavy trucks.

Great Prices - Enjoy consistently lower prices on items you need.

Wide Selection - New and remanufactured components are available for various truck makes and models.

No-Hassle Return Policy - Stuff happens—if you’re not completely satisfied, you may return your purchased item within 90 days of the original invoice date.

Haldex Parts

Almost 60 years after the first automatic brake adjuster (ABA) for road vehicles was introduced, this product from Haldex remains the global market leader, with over 75 million Haldex automatic slack adjusters being produced. But through innovation, the company made technological advances in its product lineup and produced more products to add to its growing Haldex parts portfolio. Currently, it offers a vast selection of products under two distinct categories: the Foundation Brake and the Air Controls.

Foundation Brake

The Foundation Brake product line consists of disc brakes, brake adjusters, and actuators or spring brakes. These brake products for wheel ends are manufactured with the customer and end-user safety in mind. Each product goes through rigorous manufacturing processes and testing to ensure not just superior performance and maximum efficiency but also safety and reliability.

Haldex Air Brake Automatic Slack Adjuster

Considered the central part of a drum brake, the Haldex automatic slack adjuster works by automatically controlling the distance between the brake drum and the brake lining. It keeps the brakes in correct adjustment all the time. When this part starts to fail, the vehicle’s braking mechanism is greatly affected. Haldex offers a wide range of brake adjusters—from the well-established Haldex AA1 automatic brake adjuster and the new Haldex S-ABA self-setting automatic brake adjusters. Both products are made to set the highest standards for safety, reliability, and performance.

Haldex Disc Brakes

Haldex produces a complete line of disc brakes for various trucks and trailers. This is made lightweight and offers better stopping performance than drum brakes. The Haldex Air Disc Brake ModulT is regarded as the lightest 22.5" trailer brake on the market. It weighs only 31 kilograms, including the brake pads, but it delivers superior performance in a wide range of applications.

Haldex Air Brake Spring Brake and Brake Chambers

Haldex manufactures a broad range of truck spring brakes and brake chambers for use in disc brakes and drum brakes. All Haldex Brake System Service components are manufactured according to strict SAE J1469 standards at its in-house laboratory. And to ensure durability, integrity, and peak performance even when used under harsh conditions, each Haldex spring brake is rigorously tested to ensure it’s 100% leak-free and date stamped for easy tracing. Several versions are available for these products, including those with and without parking brakes. The most popular options are the Blue Seal, Gold Seal, and Life Seal.

Air Controls

The Air Controls product lineup includes ABS, EBS, air dryers, Consep air treatment, and more. These products are made primarily for improved safety and driving dynamics of the brake system. They are available in many different versions to cater to a wide range of geographic markets.

Haldex ABS and EBS

The Haldex ABS and EBS are built to provide controlled safe stopping. EBS differs from ABS in a way that it controls the brake system electronically to ensure optimal brake power for all brakes in the vehicle. Now, when it’s time to service your anti-lock braking system, Haldex has got you covered as well with its comprehensive range of Haldex Brake Control Modules and other trailer anti-lock braking system service components. One of the top-selling products included in this line is the Haldex ABS control module kit. This kit contains a full-function ABS valve and already comes with detailed instructions for ease of installation.

Haldex Air Dryers and Consep

The Haldex air dryers are crucial brake system components because they ensure only clean and dry air enters the air subsystem. The same is true with the Consep air treatment product. This is designed to work individually or in combination to prevent water, oil, and contaminants buildup. However, just like any other component, the Haldex air dryer on truck will eventually need servicing after some time. Haldex offers a wide range of Haldex Brake Service Kits for your repair and maintenance needs. For Pure Air Plus™ Air Dryers, you can always get the Haldex air brake dryer valve kit. This kit already contains a new desiccant cartridge and the hardware you need for smooth installation.

Haldex Suspension Self-Leveling Valve

Want to raise or lower your vehicle to the correct height at the loading bay? Then, get the Haldex height control valve. This precision response height control valve automatically adds air to or releases air from the suspension, so maintaining constant height is easy regardless of load. Searching for another self leveling valve type? Feel free to check out the products under the Haldex Suspension Valves category.

Haldex Air Brake Compressor

Haldex air brake compressors are designed for use in heavy duty vehicle air brake systems. They deliver maximum performance with superior durability to ensure they last longer than competing units. Haldex’s comprehensive line of brake compressors includes new and remanufactured units. Whether it’s for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Carrier, General Motors, International, Isuzu, John Deere, Mack, Mercedes, or Volvo engine, this brand has got the right replacement Haldex air compressor that you need. Haldex’s new and remanufactured brake compressors are backed by a 24-month or 200,000-mile warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

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Enjoy a great shopping experience here at FinditParts.com, as we offer a wide range of Haldex products for various truck makes and models. We are available 24/7, so shopping for your needed Haldex air dryer, automatic brake adjuster, brake compressor, self leveling valve, or truck spring brakes is made more convenient. If you can't find the exact Haldex parts that you need, you can always reach us via our hotline. One of our friendly customer service representatives will be glad to assist you.