KN27000 by HALDEX - Egp Standard Flow Leveling Air Valve Kit
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    KN27000 by HALDEX

    Egp Standard Flow Leveling Air Valve Kit

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    HALDEX Part Description

    EGP Standard Flow Leveling Valve Kit
    • Used to maintain vehicle height on an air suspended chassis.
    • Made of durable (EGP) Engineering Grade Plastic.
    • Linkage included in specified lengths.
    • One valve can be used for left and right installations.
    • One valve can control two suspension bellows.
    • Standard flow valve for truck/bus/trailer application.
    • All ports: 1/4" NPT
    1. Variations in the height of the chassis resulting from different load conditions are equalized by inflating or deflating the air suspension bellows in proportion to the respective loads carried by the vehicle.
    2. Exhaust Cover Repair Kit use part number RN10JE.
    3. Linkage Repair Kit use part number RN10JJ.
    Product Attributes
    Product name Height Control Valve Kit
    Item Status Active
    customer specific No
    Related Part RN10JJ
    Product line Premium line
    Notes Without Dump and Linkage Kit Included
    (1) Family name Proportioning Valve
    • Allows a single Height Control Valve to operate two suspensions requiring different air pressures.
    1. Typically used in conjunction with a smaller capacity tag/pusher system in specialty vehicles or coil spring lift which require additional pressure to overcome coil.
    (2) Family name Height Control Valve · IR Height Control Valves
    All Ports 1/4" NPT
    Horiz. Arm Length 12" (Max)
    Vert. Arm Length 14"
    Axle Bracket Linkage Vertical

    Related Part: 90555105 RN10JC RN10JE RN10JH RN10JJ

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