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Hella is an extremely successful company in the industry of producing pieces, parts, and hardware for medium- and heavy-duty applications. The company produces various products for use either in aftermarket projects or to match original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Each year, the company draws in more than $7 billion in sales, a true testament to the success of the brand.

Hella is one of the oldest manufacturers still in existence today. Founded in 1899, Hella has seen three different centuries, countless international wars and conflicts, the Great Depression, and more. Through all of these struggles, the brand has kept afloat by providing top-tier quality service and industry-leading pieces, parts, and hardware.

Today, Hella employs tens of thousands of employees across the majority of the world and services 118 unique locations in 35 countries. The company now specializes in lighting and other electronics while continuing to produce various kinds of aftermarket and OEM products for a variety of applications.

We carry just about every must-have product that Hella manufacturers, covering hundreds of different parts across 11 unique categories. That includes air conditioning and heater supplies, trailer accessories, and quite a bit in between. Thanks to Hella's international distribution network, we can also offer free ground shipping on a wide variety of Hella's products. That means no more worrying about paying excessive shipping and handling costs or wondering when - or if - your product is going to arrive.