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Accuride is a manufacturer in the transportation industry best-known for its production of wheel end solutions. The pieces, parts, and hardware that Accuride produces are often favorited by truckers looking for something that's as high-quality as it is long-lasting. Rather than purchasing something cheap but long-lasting or expensive but fragile, many truckers choose one of the affordable and durable Accuride products on the market today.

Accuride's specialty is in the production of wheel end technology. That includes products in three unique categories: brakes, brakes and wheel ends, and suspension and steering. Within each of these categories, the brand produces a wide variety of pieces and parts, sometimes further breaking down the list into a series of sub-categories in order to make finding the right part even easier.

When it comes to wheel end tech, Accuride produces six different primary options, two of which providing a choice in materials. Those options are as follows: aluminum wheels, steel wheels, brake drums, brake rotors, slack adjusters, and hub assemblies. Accuride's engineers prefer to give its customers options when it comes to materials, so they use two of the highest-quality materials available for manufacturers in the United States: aluminum and steel.

Aluminum wheel ends provide a light-weight and more flexible alternative to their heavier, more rigid high-grade steel counterparts; however, both materials make for high-quality products. No matter what part of your wheel assembly you're looking to fix up, Accuride has something to make your vehicle run smoothly and last for the long haul.