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Fan Clutches

Haldex, Bendix, Horton, Kit Masters, and other big names are known for the quality of their clutches. From those high-quality brands, we've carefully curated a selection of the top-of-the-line products to ensure that you get only the best fan clutches on the market.

A good fan clutch can keep an engine from overheating without sacrificing on engine warmup speed. Each of these models are designed with both extremes in mind.

Whereas lesser models can keep your engine so cool that it doesn't heat up properly, creating a major load on the engine, these are designed to prevent over-cooling by freewheeling at lower temperature.

Whether you're operating entirely stock GMC products or a wide variety of aftermarket designs, most of these fan clutches will be compatible with what you're working with. That means no more wondering if you're going to spending your hard-earned money just to get the wrong product.

We also offer express shipping options and free ground shipping on many of our parts because we know what it's like to have to wait days or weeks to get back on the road. With these shipping options, you can get your hardware when you need it, without the difficulty of sitting around waiting for parts to come by snail mail.

With bi-metallic sensory systems on board and high-quality fluid couplings, these parts are sure to provide accurate readings and function both actively and passively to match the temperature of the engine.

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