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PowerShift Hydraulic 6-Bolt Power Take-Off - 270 Series (Representative Image)



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CHELSEA part description

Representative Image and Description - The product image above and description below applies to all Chelsea Series 270 PTOs and is not part specific. Please verify the product using the part number.

Chelsea 270 Series is designed for Aisin and Allison automatic transmissions.

Quality knows quality, that’s why Allison and Aisin chose Chelsea to join their engineers in developing PTOs specifically for their transmissions. The versatile Chelsea 270 Series Power Take-Off (PTO) is a PowerShift PTO. This provides the operator a smooth engagement with no gear clashing which helps extend the life of the P.T.O. and transmission gears. It is available in four speed ratios, six shift options and eleven output types including Chelsea’s popular 360° rotatable flange.

The 270 Series features an option for protecting your driven equipment, this is our Electronic Overspeed Control (EOC). This feature prevents the driver from going down the road with the PTO engaged preventing cavitations on hydraulic equipment. Another popular feature available for the 270 Series is the internal self adjusting shaft brake. This prevents shaft rotation on devices such as water or transfer pumps when the P.T.O. is disengaged.

Product Features:

• Electric-over-hydraulic shifting

• PTO/Dump Pump combo valve shift option available

• No Backlash to set

• Two Year Warranty


• LP Gas Trucks

• Water Trucks

• Fire and Rescue

• Aerial Devices

• Dump Truck & Trailers

• Snow and Ice Removal

Performance Characteristics

Mounting Style 6-Bolt
Shift Type PowerShift Hydraulic
Standard Output Shaft Size 1-1/4"
Intermittent Torque Rating (Lbs-ft) 300
Intermittent Torque Rating (Nm) 407
Hosepower Rating for Intermittent Service  
At 500 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (HP) 29
At 500 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (Kw) 21
At 1000 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (HP) 57
At 1000 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (Kw) 43
Approximate Weight: 49 lbs. [22 kg]
* Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings