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Honda — short for Honda Motor Company — is one of the biggest names in automotive design the world over. Although the company typically produces only vehicles and their components in ordinary two-, three-, and four-wheel applications, there is still much that it has to offer the world of heavy-duty trucking.

The Honda Motor Company was founded in 1937 under the name Eastern Sea Precision Machine Company to manufacture piston rings for use in racing. This racing history is one that would later lead to the brand becoming one of the Big Four manufacturers of racing motorcycles in the entire world and the company's strong emphasis on combining both quality and affordability is what made it possible to break into the North American markets after the Golden Age of American automotive design.

Today, Honda is one of the largest global original equipment manufacturers. It produces super bikes, sedans, heavy-duty tractor trailers, and just about everything in between. That includes just about every land-based application imaginable. Over the past several decades, Honda has also branches out into sea and air design, further expanding the company's lineup of brands, products, and services.

Honda employs more than 200 thousand people around the planet and has created hundreds of thousands of additional jobs through indirect supplier relationships. Despite being a foreign company Honda's most profitable market is the North American continent and has been for decades. Of course, the company services every other inhabited continent and almost every country on the planet, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that you almost always have access to Honda's product catalogue.

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