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RAMSEY WINCH part description


About Ramsey Winch

Are you an adventure seeker who does not back down from the most demanding trails and terrains? Ramsey Winch is committed to helping you gear your ride up for more adventures. Trusted by most drivers and off-roaders for decades, this brand relentlessly produces a wide array of winches and accessories for effective self-recovery of crawl or off-road vehicles and ATVs. This brand is also the industry leader in the manufacture of hydraulic and electric components, planetary hoists, worm gear, and planetary gear winches. Crafted using the latest manufacturing processes, high-quality materials, and highly well-trained engineers, Ramsey Winch is today's choice for quality, dependability, and endurance.

Ramsey Winch had its humble beginnings in 1944 when the Ramsey brothers—Claude and Rayburn—established the Ramsey Brothers Tool & Die in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company initially manufactured parts, tools, and dies exclusively for Douglas Aircraft Company. A year later, Claude Ramsey developed a front-mounted winch called the Model 101, made specifically for pickup trucks and passenger cars and was driven by the crankshaft. The product became a huge success, and the skyrocketing demands for these winches prompted the Ramsey brothers to rename their company Ramsey Brothers Winch Company in 1947.

Because of the company's significant impact on the Towing and Recovery industry, Claude Ramsey was inducted into the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame in 1987. The credibility and popularity of its founders help make Ramsey Winch the most dependable name in the business.

Ramsey Winch Parts

Proudly made in America, Ramsey Winch parts sport excellent workmanship. They are built from the highest quality materials for unparalleled strength and long-lasting dependability. Through the years, Ramsey Winch has kept the high standards necessary to deliver a premium-quality product. It stays in tune with the market's needs, resulting in innovation and new product introductions for commercial, consumer, and industrial applications. Ramsey Winch solutions are ideal for pulling vehicles out of mud and snow. Because of their functionality and durability, they have become commonplace in the towing and recovery industry.


Ramsey Winch develops and manufactures industry-leading winches that meet the demands of consumer and industrial applications. They are ideal for off-road, petroleum, towing and recovery, industrial, and ATV vehicles. Meticulously made by highly trained engineers, the winches from this brand deliver quality, endurance, and reliability.

  • Electric Winches

Ramsey Winch's field-proven electric planetary winches are designed for consumer, off-road, and self-recovery markets. They vary in size, ranging from 500 lbs. to 15,000. They are fitted with a high-efficiency, three-stage planetary gear set that preserves motor energy and minimizes motor strain. You may get them in configurations with solenoid over drum or in "Profile Design," enabling winch installation in tighter spaces with a remotely attached solenoid pack. Operator safety is a Ramsey Winch priority; that is why it makes sure that the brake will engage automatically when the solenoid is not working. There is also an optional wireless remote operation, which allows the operator to keep tabs on the recovery or winching process from a different standpoint.

  • Hydraulic Winches

For quick, powerful winching pull after pull, you can count on Ramsey Winch planetary hydraulic winches. They offer 8,000 to 130,000 lbs. working capacities, meeting the demands of towing and recovery, mining and construction, oil and gas, and utility applications. Achieve increased efficiency and productivity on your job with these hydraulic winches, which can either be foot or side mounted for ease of maintenance and flexibility.

Ramsey Winch hydraulic winches are rigorously tested and approved for use in temperatures ranging from -40° F to 120° F. They deliver fast and easy free spooling with only 50 lbs. resistance. At -35ºF, these winches can be operated by air or manually for quick line payout and minimal wear on components. These winches will surely give you your money's worth as they are built to meet SAE J706 and EN14492-1 standards.


Ramsey Winch hoists packed high capacity and higher-line speed lifting in a durable yet lightweight construction. They deliver multiple gear ratios and motor choices to meet the performance requirements of customers. The hoists from this brand are classified into two:

  • Service Crane Hoist (SCH)

Created to provide reliable power for every lifting task, Ramsey's service crane hoists have a high-efficiency gear set with anti-friction bearings. This gear set ensures seamless operation and precision load handling. With lifting capacities that range from 1,000 lbs. to 15,000 lbs., Ramsey Winch offers a suitable hoist for your application. It also comes with an oil-cooled spring applied hydraulic release brake that ensures positive load handling and predictable load control. On the other hand, the Sprag one-way clutch assures that the load will not decline or drift.

  • Ramsey Crane Hoist (RCH)

For safe and dependable operation, trust only Ramsey crane hoist. This hoist can be fitted with the optional Electronic Cable Management System (ECM), which allows you to monitor the status of your lift. With the ECM, you can keep an eye on the hoist cable's condition and alert the operator when the drum is turning. This ECM system allows easy programming and an optional automatic slowdown system with its last layer alarm.


The Ramsey Winch POWERMASTER™ Series of products are tailored specifically for the utility Industry. One of the most popular products under this series is a complete bumper system with a 20,000 lb. hydraulic planetary winch with an optional extended shaft. In addition, the POWERMASTER capstans are outfitted with a high-torque hydraulic motor with dual counterbalance valves to ensure seamless operation. These components are offered in a choice of lightweight aluminum or ductile iron bayonet-style heads with AT&T output shaft. These Ramsey Winch parts can also be foot or flange mounted.

Bumper and Grille Guard Kits

Replace your truck's fragile or dented factory bumper with the uncompromising quality of Ramsey Winch bumper. This brand is committed to helping you protect your ride's front with top-quality products that are ultra-durable and highly resistant to minor impacts. Ramsey's full selection of bumper and grille guards is made for popular passenger trucks, sport utility vehicles, work trucks, or off-road vehicles. They come in a wide variety of designs, so you will surely find one that fits your vehicle, your requirements, your personality, and your winch.

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