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Truck Driver Shortage: Problems, Causes, and Solutions

by Phoebe Trilles on August 26, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay The trucking industry plays a crucial role in keeping America’s economy moving, especially during this pandemic. Despite the challenges, over-the-road or OTR drivers continue to ply the roads to move goods to their destinations. However, they are not enough to transport over 68% of all freight on ... read more

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Truckers Share Their COVID Symptoms and Road to Recovery

by Lyn Leoncito on August 9, 2021

Image Source: The pandemic has badly shaken the transportation and trucking sectors. But unlike other businesses that have temporarily halted their operations, the trucking industry had to rise to meet unprecedented challenges and help keep America's economy moving. Most trucking companies have scrambled to maintain operation levels, sending truck ... read more

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Top 5 Qualities of A Great Truck Driver

by Phoebe Trilles on July 26, 2021

Image Source: A trucker’s job is to transport goods—such as foods, medical supplies, livestock, clothing, paper products, and more—from one place to another using a heavy-duty truck or a tractor-trailer. It may look like a simple job for some. But, it is actually a very challenging one, and it ... read more

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Gas Shortage: Its Causes and Impact on Truckers' Lives

by Lyn Leoncito on July 20, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay What do you think will happen when you combine a cyberattack on the biggest fuel supplier for the East Coast, shortage of truckers, pandemic, and an increase in the number of vehicles heading out for summer vacation? In many parts of the United States, these factors make ... read more

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5 Common Myths on Heavy Duty Truck Parts

by Alvin Ybañez on June 28, 2021

Image Source: canva One or more of its parts will inevitably need to be replaced at some point in a truck's lifespan. But while ordering replacement parts for trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles is as simple as a click of a mouse, finding the "right" part for your rig ... read more

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Truckers Name the 10 Most Dangerous Roads in America

by Lyn Leoncito on May 31, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay America's population is diverse and unique—so is its highway system. Thanks to technological advancements, the country now boasts a well-organized system of roadways and some of the longest stretches of highways in today's industrialized world. But roads—no matter how well-constructed—are not perfect, and accidents are inevitable. Also, ... read more

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The Best Scenic Drives in America (According to Truckers)

by Alvin Ybañez on May 20, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay Long-haul trucking is tough and challenging work, but it certainly has its share of benefits. And for truckers who are also nature lovers at heart, one such perk is the opportunity to drive across many of the best scenic views in North America. Whether it’s the mountains ... read more

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Truckers Share 10 Creative Ways to Keep Themselves Entertained When On the Road

by Phoebe Trilles on May 18, 2021

Those who work in the trucking industry know too well how challenging a truck driving job is. And one of the challenges that most truckers, especially long-haul drivers, deal with is boredom on the road. Spending hours or days driving is not only physically tiring but also mentally taxing—and when ... read more

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Important Things You Need to Know about Short-Haul Trucking

by Lyn Leoncito on May 6, 2021

Transport drivers are classified according to the vehicle they operate and the distance they traveled. Specialized freight transport drivers operate specialized vehicles, such as cement trucks, dump trucks, refrigerated vans, tow trucks, bulk tankers, and auto transport trucks. According to America Truck Driving School , long-haul drivers are those who ... read more

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Top 5 Peeves By Truckers On The Road

by Alvin Ybañez on May 3, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay Trucking has gained a romanticized image in popular media, from Hollywood movies to Youtube videos. Truck drivers are often portrayed as outcasts that are getting paid lots of cash to live a lonely life driving their big rigs across endless stretches of highways. But while this idyllic ... read more

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