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Truckers Share Their Worst Mistakes Made As Rooky Drivers

by Ashley Thompson on December 27, 2018

It's every drivers worst nightmare - making a mistake, while you're hauling a load. It's even worse as a rooky, but it happens to everyone. Read below for some of the worst rooky mistakes drivers have made while working as professional drivers: I was helping out a Wal-Mart dedicated account ... read more

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10 Things Truckers Learn In Their First Year

by Ashley Thompson on June 28, 2018

The first year as a professional driver is often the hardest to handle - you're still learning the ropes, and you're low on experiences that can help you navigate life's many potholes. Luckily, there are seasoned vets who can share what it's like that first year to help give you ... read more

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Truckers Favorite Truck Stops

by Daniel LaBare on May 31, 2018

Professional drivers know that not all truck stops are created equal, and they all have their favorites. Whether it's the showers, the travel plaza, fueling stations or the food, each stop has perks that make them fan favorites. Here are some of the favorites, as found on Reddit's r/Truckers thread: ... read more

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How do you pass the time when you're waiting to be unloaded?

by Ashley Thompson on May 10, 2018

It happens to everyone - you show up to make your delivery, and there's a wait to get you unloaded. While it is surely frustrating for everyone who encounters this scenario, each driver handles that time differently. Here are some of the ways professional drivers pass the time while they're ... read more

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