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FinditParts Customer Service - Complete Customer Satisfaction

by Ashley Thompson on August 21, 2015

Great customer service is a top priority here at FinditParts and we strive every day to ensure that each customer's needs are addressed as thoroughly as possible. We recognize that you, our customer, are our best asset and to that end we dedicate ourselves to see that each order culminates ... read more

Category: Customer Service

Pick A Part - How to Get the Heavy Duty Truck Part That's Right for You

by Ashley Thompson on June 10, 2015

How to pick a part that's right for you. That is a question we get on a daily basis here at FinditParts , and luckily we've always got an answer. Our online catalogue of parts has over five MILLION heavy duty truck parts for you to choose from. When it ... read more

Category: Customer Service

International Trucks - FinditParts Provides Parts Worldwide

by Ashley Thompson on June 10, 2015

Repairing international trucks can be difficult - parts availability and sourcing can be tough when shopping from abroad. However, we here at FinditParts strive to make that process a whole lot easier. To start, we have a catalog of over five million heavy duty truck parts to meet all of ... read more

Category: Customer Service