Tips For Driving in the Fog

Winter and Spring are two of the worst times of year for foggy driving conditions.  With the land being very cold, and then moist, warm air moving over it, fog is an unavoidable encounter when you live life on the road.  Because of this, it is important for truckers to adjust their driving according to the weather conditions – here are a few tips for driving in the fog:


Even if you know the roads well, slowing down is important.  You don’t want to be surprised by a sudden stop in traffic, or encounter an unseen object in the road that was obscured by the fog, as it will surely result in an accident if you’re traveling at a high rate of speed.  Slow down and stay safe in foggy weather conditions.


Turning on your headlights and fog lights is crucial to not only your ability to see well, but also your ability to be seen well by other drivers.  Even in the daylight, be sure to turn on your beams during foggy conditions.


Maximize your visibility by turning on both your windshield wipers and your defrosters.  Turing on the defrost vent without heat or opening your windows is the quickest way to de-fog your windows; this also evaporates moisture and warms up the cab of your truck.


It can be challenging to see well in foggy weather, and that doesn’t just pertain to what’s in front of you.  Avoid accidents by not changing lanes in foggy conditions, and that way you won’t miss anyone who might be coming up from behind or beside you.

These simple tips are common knowledge to some, but perhaps not all.  What other advice would you offer for driving in the fog?

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