Obama Tells K. Neal to Keep On Truckin’, Disses Joe Biden’s Driving

When the President of the United States acknowledges our industry, we should listen.

It happened earlier this month, with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with employees of K. Neal International Trucks. After touring the facility in Hyattsville, Maryland with Stephen Neal, the dealership’s president and CEO, President Obama urged a ‘stay the course’ path going forward, insisting that his economic policies are making a positive difference.

“I want to thank K Neal for having us here today, giving us a quick tour and having us look at all these — all these trucks” Obama said, drawing laughter from those in attendance. 

The President pointed to job creation over the past five months and how the economy has grown for three consecutive quarters. He also singled out the Recovery Act passed by Congress, which Stephen Neal said helped K. Neal ride out a difficult winter, and allowed him to avoid any employee layoffs or terminations.

But after crediting Vice President Joe Biden for his efforts on behalf of the Recovery Act, Obama couldn’t resist taking a shot at his second-in-command’s driving skills. “By the way,” Obama said,’ Joe says he used to be able to drive some of these trucks.”

“That’s true,” Biden said.

“But I would suggest he not — not to lend him a car — that was a long time ago,” said the President.