Kelly: Melting Ice (and Hearts) on Ice Road Truckers

Quick- who’s the most famous resident of Wasilla, Alaska?

OK, that was too easy. But who’s the second most famous?

If you’re a fan of Ice Road Truckers, you already know the answer. It’s Lisa Kelly, the gorgeous driver now taking on the challenges of hauling heavy cargo over frozen lakes in the series fourth season. She is no stranger to high-risk assignments. Prior to the beginning of the season, Kelly spent two months hauling cement in the Himalayas.

The 28 year-old native of Grand Rapids, Michigan is happily married (sorry) and now dealing with the growing fame that happens to those who share their lives with reality television. “I have nothing in the chamber right now, just whatever comes my way,” she told one writer. “The show has opened up a lot of doors.” They include a photo shoot with Maxim, and a store on her website that sells autographed photos and other merchandise.

Her first trucking job was delivering bread in a van. After obtaining her Class B license she applied for work with several trucking companies, and even though she looked like the women in the calendars that hung on the walls she couldn’t get a job. Gradually she worked her way to tractors and one can only imagine the excitement of the producers of Ice Road Truckers at the chance to add a potential pin-up to the cast.

“I have a genuine love for life and want to live it to the fullest with the precious time that I’ve been given here on Earth. I want to be old and have no regrets of the things I haven’t done,” Lisa says on her website. And you can watch her living life to the fullest on this season of Ice Road Truckers. Lisa in IMAX? We’re getting our tickets now.