Keeping Older Fleets Running

New economic polls and market watches are issued seemingly every day. We are bombarded with so many conflicting predictions that it sometimes seems like recession-related studies are one of the few growth industries left.

Heavy-duty trucking has also witnessed its share of prognostication, both dire and optimistic. After digesting enough of these percentages up and percentages down, it feels like we don’t know who knows which end is up anymore, and really, the best way to gauge how the economy is recovering is how much we have in our business accounts, and whether we are adding employees, or reducing staff.

However, when the world’s largest truckmaker talks, people still listen.

Daimler AG announced recently that worldwide demand for heavy vehicles may take years to return to pre-recession levels. That’s not an encouraging forecast, but for those in the aftermarket it’s an opportunity to promote the importance of keeping existing vehicles running reliably and safely.

The longer companies delay ordering new trucks, the longer they must maintain their existing fleets. At FinditParts we’ve seen phenomenal growth in the number of parts searches and purchases conducted on our site with each passing month. While we like to think this is a result of our cutting-edge technology and outstanding customer service, we know the reality of our industry is also a factor. Our goal is to be a one-stop global source for the parts you need for any heavy, medium and light duty vehicle. Feel free to drop us a note anytime to let us know how we’re doing.