How’s Business?

“It’s the economy, stupid” was a famous campaign slogan back in 1992, back when we all incorrectly thought politics couldn’t get any more contentious. It’s also the reason so many companies are in trouble now.

Theoretically, the heavy-duty truck parts industry ought to survive whether the bulls or the bears are in charge. In a down economy, such as the one we’ve suffered through the last 18 months, trucking fleets will postpone the expense of ordering new vehicles, which would result in increased parts orders to keep their current fleet operational. And when times are good, companies will usually take a percentage of their profits and invest it back into their equipment, which may include orders for enhanced/improved parts and accessories they might have passed on earlier.

So while any recession is going to hurt, it’s the companies that continue to offer outstanding service and a quality customer experience that will survive the hard times and thrive when times are tougher.

The FinditParts site was already years in the making, so why didn’t we wait to launch until after the economy showed positive signs of recovery? For us, the decision was easy. We had enough confidence in the size of our parts marketplace, the efficiency of our uploading and ordering process, and our attention to personalized service, that we knew once customers tried FinditParts, they would make us their first choice for heavy-duty truck parts, brake parts, and everything they need to keep the rubber on the road.

Still, it’s always better for everyone when the economy is solid, and that may be where we’re heading at last, at least according to Daimler. Click here to read Nowhere to Go but Up, an FIP article on the encouraging Daimler report and what it could mean for the heavy-duty truck industry.