It’s Not Easy Being Green – Or Is It?

For a long time, the environmental movement was limited to a small minority of socially responsible activists (sometimes derisively referred to as tree-huggers) who proudly separated their garbage into paper and plastic while the rest of us could barely hit the trash can.

On what day do we celebrate Earth Day? If you know the answer, you were probably one of them. Of course, if we believe the news about climate change and diminishing fuel supplies and rain forests being chopped down for condos, it now seems like maybe those folks were on to something.

The rest of us have caught up now, and not just because our environmental conscience is speaking a little louder. The government and corporate community have banded together to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Other pending and promised federal legislation may require higher fuel economy standards, and may one day change what we pump into the gas tank.

But if we’re being honest, it’s the introduction of the profit motive that has really added more converts to the cause. From funding for greener vehicles to cutting the office power bill with task lighting, there are now a multitude of practical benefits that make sustainable green business practices good for the wallet as well as the ozone layer.

From time to time, FinditParts will explore a facet of how the trucking industry can reduce its impact on the environment. Read our first entry on Andersen’s new Eco-flaps. Keep checking back for more information that will keep you up to date on new product announcements and business practices that make it easier to stay in the green.

And by the way, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22.