More Than the Sum of its Parts

Chances are that Find it Parts is not the first online parts source you’ve explored.

To those of us who measure our time in this business in decades rather than years, it seems like yesterday that the task of finding, buying and selling truck parts was a strictly local enterprise, conducted over the telephone. Today it’s all about the Internet, and why not – that’s where we already turn for everything else as well.

The problem is that, on a search engine, good companies and bad companies make the same first impression. It’s only after you click the link and explore for a bit that you can start to separate the ones that will improve the efficiency of your business from those that simply waste your time.

What do customers want from an online parts locator and marketplace? That’s the question we asked ourselves, and Find it Parts is our answer. We understand that you want a place where the buying and selling process is easy, straightforward and honest; where searches for new, OEM, rebuilt and remanufactured parts bring results, whether you’re seeking a commonplace item or something more obscure and hard to find.

If you’re selling parts, and you know what you’ve got and what it’s worth, our job is to provide a place where you can reach thousands of buyers, without having to set up your own online marketplace. But if you’ve got some parts you cannot identify, we’re also here to help. Our cross-referenced site links parts with both the part number listed and any alternate part numbers, and can cross-reference an OEM part number into a truck repair aftermarket part.

Still not sure? Just send us a digital photo of the part, and we’ll track down the information for you.

If you’re buying parts, you want a global resource, so you can search suppliers across town and across the ocean. But you also want fast delivery. And if a part needs to be returned, you want the option of doing so.

We also created Find it Parts to be more than a parts locator and marketplace. We wished to design a site that would also serve as a source of industry news and information. Here you’ll find articles and blogs from aftermarket experts to stay up to date on the issues that impact your business, plus online training programs and clinics that can help you or your employees with system diagnosis or various repair issues.

So now that you’re here, take a look around. Find it Parts may not be the first stop in your search for a truck parts source, but we’ve done everything we can think of to make sure you won’t ever need to look anywhere else. Did we miss something? Drop us an email and let us know.